How To Boost Kids’ IQ and EQ With Proper Guidance and Nurture

How To Boost Your Kids IQ and EQ. Learn 5 parenting strategies that can help you support your kids with proper guidance and nurture.

I’m back after a long break with another guest post from Zara Lewis! Learn about 5 parenting strategies that can help you boost your children’s IQ through proper guidance and nurture. All parents want their kids to grow up to be emotionally and socially aware, communicative and smart. Luckily, it’s more than possible to raise … Read more

Fun Things To Do With Children on Holiday Break

Today I’m happy to introduce my blog’s first guest post from Zara Lewis! She shares with us exciting family time ideas, perfect for the summer ahead. Parents are a rare breed; no matter how stressed they are with all the things there are to juggle, they’ll do anything and everything for that one smile when … Read more

Wash, Brush, Floss, Flush – Free Printable

Wash, brush, floss, flush. Free printable for the kids' bathroom. A fun and colorful way to remember the bathroom rules.

I’m still caught by my latest hobby of making printables. It’s a fun thing to do during nap time 🙂 Soon I’ll try to get back to writing but, for now, I’m having too much fun with this and…well…nap time is limited. One must choose what one wants to focus on during this precious time :)) So … Read more

There’s No Place Like Home – Free Printable

Home sweet home - a colorful printable for your home!

As I mentioned in my previous post, I have just discovered how much I enjoy creating printables. So today I have a new printable for you – a little colorful addition to your home. We all know there is no place like home, so this printable aims to make your nest a little cozier and … Read more